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Docker for the long-time Vagrant user (Laravel, Nginx, PHP with Xdebug, MySQL, Redis)

November 15, 2022 ≈ 5 minutes 14 seconds

Why did I decide to try Docker after being totally happy with Vagrant for such a long time? Well, I switched to the new dev machine, based on an M1 processor, which is unsupported by VirtualBox. Also for the speed, less disc consumption, ease of networking between containers and other benefits of containerized approach, such as when I'm working on...

Resize multiple images proportionally with FFmpeg and a shell function

December 26, 2021 ≈ 2 minutes 6 seconds

You probably already know that FFmpeg can resize images proportionally, and also that it can't overwrite them. So you either save resized files under new names or into a new folder, and it becomes tedious... When you repeat the same pattern multiple times over the week, it's time to search for a way to automate it...

Write your first WebAssembly program

August 8, 2021 ≈ 45 seconds

Today, all the popular modern browsers provide WebAssembly support. But what you can do with it? — With WebAssembly you can run code written in multiple languages, like C, C++, and Rust at near-native speed in the browser! It's easier to understand with code, so let's write...

How to disable Microsoft 365 updates completely on macOS

May 12, 2020 ≈ 38 seconds

If you, like me, don't like when MS Office, you installed, auto-load itself each time you start the system and hangs in the memory. Or maybe you find update messages annoying and want to update when you want to update, here how I did it for Microsoft 365.