How to disable Microsoft 365 updates completely on macOS

May 12, 2020 ≈ 38 seconds

If you, like me, don't like when MS Office, you installed, auto-load itself each time you start the system and hangs in the memory.

Or maybe you find update messages annoying and want to update when you want to update, here how I did it for Microsoft 365.

First, write a little sh script, which moves auto-update files from autoloading folders into ms_office_update directory.


sudo mv -v /Library/LaunchDaemons/* ~/ms_office_update/LaunchDaemons
sudo mv -v /Library/LaunchAgents/* ~/ms_office_update/LaunchAgents
sudo mv -v /Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/* ~/ms_office_update/MAU2.0

echo 'MS Office Update - disabled';

The second script returns auto-updates from ms_office_update folder, when you need to update manually (restart the computer after).


sudo mv -v ~/ms_office_update/LaunchDaemons/* /Library/LaunchDaemons
sudo mv -v ~/ms_office_update/LaunchAgents/* /Library/LaunchAgents
sudo mv -v ~/ms_office_update/MAU2.0/* /Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0

echo 'MS Office Update - enabled';

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