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Cross-browser SVG to PNG. Solution for a tainted canvas in Safari and mobile Chrome.

May 31, 2022 ≈ 51 seconds

How to convert inline SVG image into PNG in the browser? —The easiest way is to draw it on the canvas and use toDataUrl() function. The catch is browser support, especially mobile browsers and desktop Safari. When you try to use toDataUrl() function of canvas with SVG, it becomes «tainted» and blows up with...

Make NPM package with Vue Single File Component (SFC) working with Vue 2 and 3

November 22, 2021 ≈ 3 minutes 29 seconds

Recently I made a single file upload component for Vue with drag'n'drop support. I made it suitable for my Vue2 and Vue3 projects and while publishing on NPM, I thought there would be a simple way to make it installable for both Vue2 and Vue3 users. But there was a number of catches...

What is JS window.event, why it is deprecated and what to use instead?

November 12, 2021 ≈ 1 minute 46 seconds

A lot of times I used the event variable in my Javascript functions, saw «Deprecated symbol used, consult docs for better alternative» warning from my IDE, and just ignored it. Day-by-day, curiosity for what is event, why it is deprecated, and what should I use instead reached the level where I decided to learn about...

Hello world with Three.js

August 24, 2021 ≈ 3 minutes 24 seconds

Most Three.js Hello World programs are just rotating cubes. Here we going to rotate the real Hello World text. And we would do it in one HTML file. We include the Three.js library through CDN and font directly from GitHub. Everything would work without a server, just open a final HTML file in the...

Write your first WebAssembly program

August 8, 2021 ≈ 45 seconds

Today, all the popular modern browsers provide WebAssembly support. But what you can do with it? — With WebAssembly you can run code written in multiple languages, like C, C++, and Rust at near-native speed in the browser! It's easier to understand with code, so let's write...

How to save inline SVG as PNG with vanilla Javascript and html canvas

February 17, 2021 ≈ 1 minute 30 seconds

Imagine, you loaded an SVG file from the database and displayed it on the page. How to convert it to PNG? How to make download links? Nowadays, with modern browsers (bye-bye IE, I would never miss you) and html canvas, this is pretty simple, even using...