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Add Emoji support to Dompdf

December 2, 2022 β‰ˆ 45 seconds

Attempting to generate a PDF with πŸš€πŸ‘Œ πŸ˜‰ and getting πˆ‰πˆ‰πˆ‰? Googling has led you there:, where you learned that the problem is hard, not solved yet, and that emojis support should be added to php-font-lib first? What should you do next if you still want emojis in your generated PDF?

Docker for the long-time Vagrant user (Laravel, Nginx, PHP with Xdebug, MySQL, Redis)

November 15, 2022 β‰ˆ 5 minutes 14 seconds

Why did I decide to try Docker after being totally happy with Vagrant for such a long time? Well, I switched to the new dev machine, based on an M1 processor, which is unsupported by VirtualBox. Also for the speed, less disc consumption, ease of networking between containers and other benefits of containerized approach, such as when I'm working on...

Laravel: delete button with double-click confirmation

August 13, 2020 β‰ˆ 22 seconds

Every time, I need to delete something, a confirmation question pops up. The universal widely used approach is to use confirmation dialog (browser default or custom). An alternative is to use double-click confirmation. Below, code of blade component...

Laravel Homestead with Apache only

August 1, 2020 β‰ˆ 21 seconds

In Laravel Homestead you can specify apache as site type, but nginx still would be the default web server. To switch, you should run the 'flip' command every time, you want to use apache. What if you only need apache as default?